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    Demography becomes one of the cause where music genre could easily develop. Folk music for example, it grows and spread in the mountain range area where the musician got inspired by the environment surrounding him or surf music which born close to coastal area. But sometimes, music does against all odds.

    The Panturas is a surf-rock band hailed from the land where folk music spread like mold during raining season, Jatinangor. The Panturas was formed in 2016 and consists of Abyan (Vocal & Guitar), Rizal (Guitar), Surya (Drum), and Bagus (Bass). They bring fun summer ocean vibe which inspired by Dick Dale and The Ventures.

    Their songs tell stories about anything related to marine issues, especially in Indonesia. From fisherman’s secret behaviour to fish bombing that caused damaged to the sea. Not only they talk about issues, they also had a song inspired by West Java’s own mythical story surfaced from the southern coast (yes, take a hint).





    23 Feb 2018

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