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Sweetass – Heavy Rotation

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Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster as Sweetass unleashes their highly anticipated second album, ‘Heavy Rotation.’ Crafted over four years, including during the solitary days of the pandemic, this album is an invitation to introspect, relate, and connect with the universal themes that shape our lives.

Written from personal experiences of the past and present, this album carries a nostalgic essence, evoking memories of times gone by and emotions felt deeply. Each song in ‘Heavy Rotation’ is a captivating narrative, delving into a unique theme that strikes at the core of our emotions. 

From the profound connections of friendship and the complexities of love and revenge, to the introspective moments of self-reflection and the nostalgic longing to relive youthful dreams, Sweetass explores the full spectrum of human experiences. The album also finds beauty in the simplicity of everyday life, celebrating the mundane moments that often hold the most profound significance.

Sweetass channels their journey through life into powerful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, creating an intimate and relatable experience for listeners.

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SKU: LMK-033 Categories: , Tag:

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