Yanti Bersaudara “Yanti Bersaudara” – Vinyl LP

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After the internationally acclaimed release of The Gang of Harry Roesly’s Titik Api, La Munai Records is back with another reissue of records, from Indonesian classic music catalog that’s perfect for this transitional period to the New Normal.

Presenting Yanti Bersaudara, this Sundanese pop record was the last entry in their discography from the Yanti sisters themselves; consisting Yani Hardjakusumah, Tina Hardjakusuma and Iin Parlina Hardjakusumah that originated from Bandung.

The record was first recorded and released back in 1971 by Polydor, Singapore. In Yanti Bersaudara, the sisters sing songs from the Sundanese popular selection after Indonesia’s independence. On each track, we can hear their beautiful vocals, harmonizing along with the sounds of electric instruments that gives more layers into the song, producing a hypnotic soundscape through its pentatonic delivery from the trio.

Today, La Munai Records proudly brings you one of the best traditional pop records from West Java, in a 12”–180g vinyl format in its greatest remastered quality.

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